In perfect balance 
with the skin’s biological rhythm

Herbal cosmetic ingredients and exquisite plant oils provide gentle yet effective stimulation of the skin’s self-correction ability whilst actively supporting its natural biological rhythm. During the day, for instance, they can provide moisture and protection against negative environmental influences. At night, they stimulate the skin’s own regenerative functions. For naturally beautiful and healthy skin, cared for with 100% natural cosmetics.

Ingredients for a radiant complexion

Pomegranate seeds have a skin-tightening and wrinkle-reducing effect - their unique fatty acid spectrum has the capacity to neutralize harmful free radicals. Has an astringent and vitalizing effect.
The extract obtained from the water storing tissues of aloe leaves moisturizes the skin, works against irritation and has wound healing properties. It also increases the self-healing of sunburn and provides slight UV-protection.
Bio-Damascene Rose
It improves the complexion, and has a soothing, balancing, purifying, invigorating and refreshing effect. The flower buds of the Damask rose also work wonders for the skin: The extract is exclusively obtained from plucked petals and has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. It moisturizes, refreshes and cleans the skin.