Green, green - LOGONA. As a pioneer in natural cosmetics, we always act with respect for nature. With a view to the future, we are committed to resource-conserving consumption. We work daily on environmentally friendly solutions from product development to application to make the world a little greener.


As an organic pioneer with a history of over 40 years, we stand for genuine, certified natural cosmetics of the highest quality directly from the herb meadow in Salzhemmendorf - our CO2-neutral production site.
Nature is the philosophy of our daily trade and is closely connected to the topic of "sustainability". As an exclusive organic specialist trade brand, we always want to set new standards in terms of product development and its environmentally friendly use.
We extract our own active ingredients sustainably with the highest, consistently natural effectiveness and use recycled and recyclable packaging materials. 
Our credo in a green corporate world is "A little greener every day!



High quality organic recipes & expertise from the herb meadow

Our products have always been produced under the highest quality standards and are 100% NATRUE certified. Our recipes are based - whenever possible - on organically grown ingredients. Our trademark is the use of in-house produced organic extracts such as valuable rose petal extract from the Damascus rose. We rely on these "cult ingredients", but we also work continuously and with a future-oriented approach on scientific solutions from nature. We do completely without raw materials containing mineral oil and synthetic dyes and fragrances. We use purely natural raw materials and fragrances with the highest natural effectiveness and compatibility. Our products are animal-free and predominantly vegan. LOGONA, that is more than 40 years of genuine, certified natural cosmetics from Germany.



Green from the inside and now also from the outside!

One topic that is currently particularly preoccupying us and many consumers is the idea of sustainable consumption. We attach great importance to developing products that are in harmony with nature, not only internally but also externally. Therefore we try to use as little packaging material as possible. At the same time, we try to produce the majority of our products from recycled material in order to close the value cycle and to put as little new material as possible into circulation.  For example, from 2020 our shampoos will only be available in bottles made of recycled plastic (rPET). At the same time, we are working on the conversion of our facial care series and many other projects.

Did you know?

That is why we are switching to recycled plastic & recycled paper!

Advantages of rPET versus glass

Closed recycling cycle
reduced for plastics
the amount of garbage.
Lighter packaging
mean less
CO2 emissions.
The recycling of glass
is more energy-intensive
than that of PET.
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We tick and work green - in harmony with nature.