Unique: the new cell-vital formula + hyaluronic acid. Discover the age protection with ten perfectly matching skincare products. 4 steps to smoother, more vibrant skin. Because a well-cared complexion is the basis for natural beauty.

Natural face care for demanding skin

Natural beauty is timeless. It is glowing from within and and finds its individual, unique expression – also through the skin. As facial skincare experts, we know what it comes down to: the skin's current condition. Affected by the body's own processes or environmental influences such as temperature, UV rays and humidity, it is the deciding factor when choosing the right skincare product.


Our new LOGONA age protection range is designed based on exactly this. High-quality recipes from basic cleansing to the right skincare at the right time. Because a well-cared complexion is the basis for natural beauty.


Age Protection 4 step care system

All LOGONA age protection products are perfectly matching and complement each other. The 4 step care system ensures effective protection and natural skin regeneration. The products can be used individually in regard to needs and current skin condition since individual care needs can depend on environmental and living conditions.

Thereby the anti aging care system supports the skin gently, but specifically. Just as it fits your natural biorhythm: intensive hydration to guard your skin against environmental influences throughout the day, and through mild stimulation of skin recovery by night. The ideal choice for every care ritual – for a fresh complexion and smoother, more vibrant skin.


The cell-vital formula of vitamin-rich bio sea buckthorn, precious bio argan oil and firming algae protects the skin's vital functions against environmental influences and supports natural cell regenration. The hyaluronic acid, from natural sources, provides intense moisture