Organic shampoos without silicones
for every hair type

Whether stressed, dry or brittle hair: LOGONA never lost sight of the vision of a 100 percent natural hair care. Today LOGONA offers care shampoos for every hair type. Thanks to almost 40 years of expertise, the shampoos' formulas are refined without chemicals and the beneficial effects have been tested and proven.

Natural organic ingredients, such as exquisite extracts of marigold, lemon balm, chamomile and Co. - directly produced at the "Kräuterwiese" - form the basis for the mild shampoos of LOGONA. Extracts of organic honey or organic Inca Inchi oil give your hair radiant shine and provide intensive moisture.

Active Ingredients for strong and shiny hair

The sweet treat is also wonderful for the skin and hair, as honey has an anti-inflammatory and slightly antiseptic effect, and gives the hair natural shine.
Bio-Inca Inchi Oil
The high levels of vitamin E in Inca Inchi oil leave the skin looking fresh and radiant. It has a moisturizing effect and as a shampoo ingredient ensures soft, shiny hair.
Caffeine is also used as an energizing and stimulating pick-me-up in natural cosmetics – to boost the skin’s metabolism and its blood supply.

*bioVISTA 2016