40 Years of History

Join us as we take a quick journey back in time

The history of the LOGONA brand is shaped by the unbridled determination of a young generation and the spirit of the ecological movement in the 1970s. What followed is one of the biggest success stories in the natural cosmetics sector – and a company that proudly looks back on 40 years of history. 


The "Alraune" shop opens its doors

Hans Hansel founds the "Alraune" shop, one of the first health food shops in Germany. The product range consists of macrobiotics, cereals, spices, herbs and natural cosmetics imported from the UK and Spain.

The imported natural cosmetics, however, corresponded in no way to the ideas of the founders. In order to offer the customer cosmetics free from environmentally harmful, serious or even dangerous chemistry, there was only one way:

To close the gap in the range of natural cosmetics products...


Lorien Goods is born

Under the name „Lorien Goods“ they gradually conquered the market and showed that alternatives to conventional cosmetic products are available - alternatives, which are well tolerated and through controlled organic ingredients, create trust. This is exactly that what the founders were planning to do: to produce high-quality and sustainable natural cosmetics.


Moving to the heart of nature

The young company moves to an old watermill near Salzhemmendorf. The production plants are expanded and the business flourishes.


The first innovation

The company’s teething difficulties give impetus to several unconventional and consistently natural solutions, such as the production of its own extracts or research into how cosmetics products can be created without synthetic preservatives. At the beginning of the 80s, the first pioneering and innovative product range was developed: PUR - The first natural cosmetics for allergy sufferers More Informationen about LOGONA PUR


Full innovative power up to the tips

LOGONA introduces the first purely herbal hair colours without any synthetic additives – a market segment that LOGONA continues to lead today. Since the introduction of herbal hair colours in 1985, LOGONA sources its organic henna from Sekem Farm in Egypt, an agricultural and social model project that was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2003. More Informationen about LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors


Lorien Goods becomes LOGONA

In 1985, the company is forced by court order to change its name – due to alleged confusion with another cosmetics company. As a result, Lorien Goods becomes LOGONA Naturkosmetik GmbH. Nevertheless, its new name does nothing to inhibit its success and the company goes from strength to strength.


Move to the "herb meadow"

In 1988, LOGONA moves to its current premises, the Kräuterwiese (herb meadow). The converted former furniture factory finally meets the company’s spatial and logistical requirements for the implementation of ideas and plans. During this same year, the LOGOCOS GmbH holding company is also founded. The next few years are shaped by the ambitious aim of offering natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics in every product segment.


Natural shampoos

LOGONA launches the first completely natural shampoos. They only contain plant-based surfactants and are free from synthetic ingredients like ammonium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate. With this development, LOGONA is well ahead of the times: over 15 years later, shampoos that are certified by the largest French standard for organic cosmetics still contain synthetic surfactants. LOGONA is still hair care market leader in German organic retailers (BioVista 2016). More information about LOGONA SHAMPOOS


Transparency creates trust

During the second half of the 1990s, the company actively campaigns for the development of a natural cosmetics label. The aim: clear regulations for natural cosmetics and increased transparency for customers. It should be easy for consumers to distinguish between authentic natural cosmetics and those that only purport to be natural or herbal. In 1996 the research and development manager of LOGOCOS becomes chairman of a work group representing various manufacturers. Given the complexity of the material, years of developmental work ensues before the BDIH Controlled Natural Cosmetics standard finally comes into being in 2001. More Informationen about our certifications


30th anniversary & NATRUE Initiative

The company celebrates its 30th anniversary and is one of the initiators of the strict NATRUE standard for natural and organic cosmetics. This certification comes into being in 2008 and guarantees consumers a high standard of authentic natural quality. LOGOCOS GmbH officially becomes LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG in 2008 as well.


"We Love Nature"

What has been driving us for almost 40 years can hardly be brought better to the point. We love and respect nature. From a deep passion for their miraculous powers, a company has grown up, to which we look with pride and joy. We look forward to the next decades ...