Cares for men´s skin naturally

Men’s skin demands care, too – and it needs to be adapted to its specific requirements. After all, although men’s skin is thicker and more robust, it also becomes slacker over the years, and suffers the effects of environmental stress and premature ageing. 

LOGONA MANN gives skin intensive moisture combined with revitalising and protective ingredients like organic ginkgo and organic caffeine. For a fresh, revitalised appearance combined with the spicy and masculine scent of exquisite woods.

Active Ingredients

Caffeine is also used as an energizing and stimulating pick-me-up in natural cosmetics – to boost the skin’s metabolism and its blood supply.
Valuable Essences
Logona products contain plant-based active ingredients, as well as precious extracts and oils with certified bio quality. We produce over 40 extracts at our own extraction plant.
The flavonoids contained in ginkgo are particularly relevant for skin care. These secondary plant compounds protect against free radicals, which accelerate the skin’s aging process. Ginkgo also contributes to firming and strengthening the skin, improving the blood supply to tissue and activating cell metabolism.