Hair styling for every hair type

Perfect hair styling should be individual and fit to the condition and needs of your hair: Brittle and susceptible hair, for example, is protected with a nutrient-rich care oil to prevent drying, while you give your hair bounce and volume with a hair dryer or your curls are defined with the organic styling hair gel in a targeted manner.

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Active Ingredients for strong hold and wonderful volume

Bio-Hop Essence
Applied externally, hops soothe the scalp and provide the hair with fullness and firmness. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates collagen production.
The sweet treat is also wonderful for the skin and hair, as honey has an anti-inflammatory and slightly antiseptic effect, and gives the hair natural shine.
Bamboo Essence
The bamboo extract strengthens the hair structure and makes it more resistant to mechanical stress such as brushing and hairdryers. It also has an antioxidant and regenerative effect.

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