The right cleansing for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires the mildest cleansing possible. To that end, LOGONA offers the rich cleansing milk and the 3-in-1 cleansing. Alcohol-free, clarifying facial toner is recommended for clarification.

Soothing and protective ingredients

It promotes the quick regeneration of skin cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Echinacea is wound healing, antibacterial and supports the skin’s regeneration process.
Valuable Essences
Logona products contain plant-based active ingredients, as well as precious extracts and oils with certified bio quality. We produce over 40 extracts at our own extraction plant.
The extract obtained from the water storing tissues of aloe leaves moisturizes the skin, works against irritation and has wound healing properties. It also increases the self-healing of sunburn and provides slight UV-protection.